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Where is everyone from?

Thanks to social media and the tight-knit nature of LDS culture, the survey had a wide reach. Not surprisingly, the majority of participants came from the "Mormon Corridor"- Utah, Idaho and Arizona. However, almost every state in the United States was represented in the responses, with Texas and California having the most respondents after UT, ID and AZ.

Outside of the U.S., 44 countries were represented in the survey responses! Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany had the highest number of participants. Here's a list of every country that is represented in the garment survey:

  1. Argentina

  2. Australia

  3. Austria

  4. Belgium

  5. Brazil

  6. Canada

  7. Chile

  8. China

  9. Colombia

  10. Costa Rica

  11. Denmark

  12. Egypt

  13. England

  14. Estonia

  15. Finland

  16. France

  17. Germany

  18. Greece

  19. Guatemala

  20. India

  21. Ireland

  22. Italy

  23. Japan

  24. Kenya

  25. Luxembourg

  26. Mexico

  27. Moldova

  28. The Netherlands

  29. New Zealand

  30. Norway

  31. Panama

  32. The Philippines

  33. Saudi Arabia

  34. Scotland

  35. Singapore

  36. Slovakia

  37. Slovenia

  38. South Korea

  39. Spain

  40. Sweden

  41. Switzerland

  42. The United Arab Emirates

  43. The United States of America

  44. Uruguay

  45. Vietnam

I would assume that some of these responses came from missionaries serving abroad, but there are many members who live and work abroad. Either way, getting information from LDS women who live in extremely warm and humid climates is invaluable.


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