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List of survey questions

*Many active LDS women of different ages were consulted about the survey questions before it went out. Changes were made consistently in the wording leading up to the survey going live, and some minor changes were made after the survey went out when I was contacted by participants with feedback.

Basic demographic questions:

1. Age

2. What is your race/ethnicity?

3. What is your gender identity?

4. If you live in the United States, what state do you reside in? If outside the U.S., what country do you reside in?

5. Were you raised in the church or are you an adult convert?

6. How would you describe your relationship to the LDS church?

  • Traditional/devout

  • Nuanced/progressive

  • ExMormon

  • Believing but inactive

  • Other (write in option)

Questions about garments:

7. How many years have you worn garments?

8. At what age were you first endowed in the temple?

9. Did the way you dress change after you started wearing garments and how did you feel about that change?

  • Yes, I felt generally positive about the change

  • Yes, I felt generally negative about the change

  • Yes, but I did not have strong feelings either way about the change

  • There was no change

  • Other (write in option)

10. How do (did) your garments affect your ability to express your personal style?

  • They enhance my personal style

  • They do not affect my personal style

  • They slightly hinder my personal style

  • They greatly hinder my personal style

  • Personal style isn’t a big priority for me

11. How frequently do (did) you wear your garments?

12. For you personally, what are some of the positive aspects of wearing garments? (Can choose multiple)

  • Reminder of temple covenants

  • Modesty

  • Spiritual and/or physical protection

  • They are part of how I express my religious identity

  • Comfortable fit and/or fabric

  • I feel that I am being obedient

  • I feel attractive when I wear them

  • None

  • Other (write in option)

13. Are there any negative aspects of wearing garments that you’ve personally experienced? (Can choose multiple)

  • Uncomfortable fit and/or fabric

  • Lack of body autonomy

  • Medical/anatomical complications (i.e. UTI’s, yeast infections, issues with menstruation or breastfeeding)

  • I feel unattractive when I wear them

  • Sensory issues

  • None

  • Other (write in option)

14. Have any of the following been more difficult to navigate with garments? (Can choose multiple)

  • Menstruation

  • Pregnancy

  • Breast feeding

  • Sex/physical intimacy

  • Menopause

  • Exercise/participation in sports

  • None of these have been affected by wearing garments

  • Other (write in option)

15. Rate your everyday comfort with wearing garments. (Scale)

16. How likely is (was) it for your garments to play a role in how you feel about your appearance on a day-to-day basis? (Scale)

17. Do you (did you) feel attractive when you are wearing garments? (Physically and/or sexually appealing)- *This question had a box for additional comments

  • Yes

  • Somewhat

  • No

  • My garments are not a factor in how attractive I feel

18. Overall, how do (did) garments impact your feelings about your body?- *This question had a box for additional comments

  • Generally positively

  • Does not affect my body image

  • Generally negatively

19. How do you feel your garments affect physical intimacy?- *This question had a box for additional comments

  • Have some positive impact

  • No impact

  • Have some negative impact

20. Given the option, would you continue to wear garments as a reminder of your covenant, or would you opt for a different type of reminder?

  • Keep

  • Keep but make some changes (i.e. different fit and/or fabric)

  • Opt for a different method (optional: write in suggestion or preference)

21. Have you ever felt judgement around your garments and how you wear them?- *This question had a box for additional comments

22. Do you personally think that there is a right or wrong way to wear garments?- *This question had a box for additional comments

23. Do you feel that a woman’s experience with garments is different than a man’s experience?- *This question had a box for additional comments

24. On a day-to-day basis, do you feel that your garments connect you to your temple covenants?- *This question had a box for additional comments

  • Yes

  • Somewhat

  • No

25. If you have any other comments or thoughts regarding this topic, feel free to share. (Comment box)


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