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Have any of the following been more difficult to navigate with garments?

When women discuss garments in online spaces and in personal conversations, it is common for them to bring up how garments affect the reproductive processes of the female body. My goal was to get data on how many women feel that their garments are causing additional issues in areas that are already challenging to navigate.

Just like the earlier questions, this list was put together collaboratively by active LDS women, with a write-in option. The number listed is how many participants marked that option out of 8,585.

There are two options here that are very interesting to me: Sex/physical intimacy and Exercise/participation in sports. Both of these activities are done without garments, so it's important to look into why garments play a role. I'll offer more analysis when I post questions that specifically addressed sex and intimacy.

As you can see, there were 616 comments submitted in the "Other" category. Here are the top issues people wrote in that are more difficult to navigate with garments:

  • temperature regulation

  • shopping for clothing, especially special events

  • being plus sized

  • doctors visits or changing around non-members

  • packing for trips (takes up a lot of space)

  • working outdoors


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