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Are there any negative aspects to wearing garments that you've personally experienced?

In the garment survey, I asked about both positive and negative aspects of wearing garments. Like the positive aspects, the list of negative aspects was curated by active LDS women who I worked with while designing the survey. We tried to make the positive and negative lists comparable and there was an "Other" category where participants could write in. People could choose multiple options on this question. See my previous post on the positive aspects for more commentary on variation and individuality in garment wearing.

This first graphic shows the statistics of the entire group, so the number on the side is how many participants out of 8,585 marked that option.

And, here are the numbers for just active LDS women. The number on the side shows how many participants marked that option out of 4,685.

1,395 comments were submitted in the "Other" write-in box, and here are the top things that women said:

  • Finding clothing that covers garments

  • Navigating weight gain

  • Changes in the designs (finding styles that fit well and then having those styles discontinued)

  • Concern about how non-members will view them

  • Wear out easily and expensive

  • Questions about the impact on the environment and the ethics of how they are produced

  • Hinders the timing of intimacy with spouse

And, the absolute top write-in comment was "too hot"!


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